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Do more with OpenHAB, Arduino, and the Raspberry Pi

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Introduction Project

A step-by-step introduction project guides you through setting up a simple HA base system:

  • Configuring a new Raspberry Pi
  • Programming an Arduino with a temperature sensor attached to it
  • Letting them communicate wirelessly using RF24 modules
  • Installing OpenHAB on the Pi
  • And finish the communication cycle with MQTT

You can also find individual guides on all these topics below.



First steps in OpenHAB: what it is, how to install it, and how to add your hardware

Starting OpenHAB

Once you have OpenHAB configured, learn how to start it up automatically on boot


A fancy control panel in every room!


An introduction to The Rules Engine in OpenHAB


Add Persistence to OpenHAB for charts and historical data

Smart Outlet

Hack a cheap KanKun Wifi Switch and control it in OpenHAB using the HTTP Binding


Add 3rd party Z-Wave Devices to OpenHAB


Set up OpenHAB on your Android so you can view and control you HA devices from your phone


OpenHAB + Tasker for automation via your phone

Expand The Introduction Project

MQTT Controller

Various code improvements with the ability to control multiple sensor and action nodes, all from OpenHAB!

Sensor Node

Add more types of sensors to your Arduino than featured in the introduction project

Action Node

Add more types of sensors to your Arduino than featured in the introduction project

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi

An introduction to the Raspberry Pi mini computer, and a list of useful hardware and software


You might feel lost if you haven't worked with Linux before, so this page guides you through configuring your Pi for the first time

Internet Access

A computer isn't a computer if it can't connect to the Internet


Install Samba on your Raspberry Pi to access your Pi's files in Windows


Mosquitto is a message broker - it lets various software modules talk to each other in a unified way

Useful Commands

A list of useful commands to get around in Linux in general and the Raspberry Pi in specific



An introduction to Arduinos for absolute beginners



How to connect the RF24 modules to a Raspberry Pi and Arduino


Use the TMRh20 libraries to quickly get the RF24 chips to communicate with each other


Introduction to the ESP8266 chip

How to set up the ESP8266 module from Adafruit


Two sample programs to become familiar with the possibilities

Windows IoT Core on Raspberry Pi


Install and configure Windows IoT core on a Raspberry Pi 2

Visual Studio

Install the free Visual Studio Community, and write & deploy your first program